Gift memberships

Customer icon You can create a gift membership in the same way that you do a regular club membership. The main difference is that billing information is sent to the gift giver, while announcements and gift messages are sent to the gift recipient, or “giftee.” Thus some fields in the Customer record pertain to the gift donor, and others to the giftee. The gift may be prepaid for a specific number of releases, or open-ended and billed for each shipment as usual.

To create a gift membership:

  1. In the Customer list, create a new record for the gift giver.

  2. On the General tab of the Customer – Data Entry dialog, check Gift Member. If the membership is prepaid for a specific term, check Prepaid Member (disabled until a valid Expiration date is present [on the Membership tab]).

  3. On the Address tab, enter information for the gift giver. In the Gift Message field, enter a message to be sent to the giftee.

  4. On the Communications tab, enter information for the gift giver. In the Email Address Giftee field, enter the gifteeʼs e-mail address.

  5. On the Shipping tab, enter information for the giftee.

  6. On the Credit Card tab, enter information for the gift giver.

  7. On the Source tab, enter information needed for customer tracking. For the Gift Duration, select the number of shipments to be included in the gift.

  8. (Tip: Customers will most often choose the minimum level of commitment thatʼs available, so you may want to consider offering only gift durations of more than one shipment: for example, 3, 6, or 12 shipments. For help in setting up gift membership options, contact Λctiv8 technical support.)

Just as with a regular club membership, once youʼve created the gift membership you can send “welcome” e-mail to both the gift giver and the “giftee”, using the Email Welcome Gift Giver Template and the Gift Welcome Template respectively.

Shipping to gift members

There is no need to separate gift members from others when processing club releases. They can be processed together. In addition to sending sales receipts to the gift donor, you can also send gift memos to the recipients.

Converting a gift membership

You may need to change the ownership of a gift membership to the original gift recipient, for example, when a gift expires and you want to follow up with new membership options.

To convert a gift membership:

  1. Select the member from the Customer list.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Transform : Gift Membership.

Manager creates a new record, with the recipientʼs contact and billing information replacing the original gift donorʼs. It sets the customer Type to 'Prospect.'

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