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E-mail opt out

Purportedly in response to concerns about the volume of unsolicited commercial e-mail, the U.S. governmentʼs CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (“Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing”) specifies that any such mail sent to prospective customers must include:

Opting out

To meet the second of these conditions, the Customer record includes the Email Opt In option (on the Communications tab). When this setting is off, Manager will exclude the customerʼs address from outgoing marketing e-mail.

Note: Opting out does not apply to invoices or other account-management e-mail.

E-mail Opt Out web pageIn addition, marketing e-mail messages that you send from Manager can include an “Unsubscribe” link. Clicking this opens an Opt Out form where the customer can unsubscribe on the web. Submitting this form immediately clears the Email Opt In option in the Customer record and redirects to a page on your web site.

The web page displayed is set in the Frame Configuration field Page URL After a Unsubscribe (on the General tab).

Creating the link

Manager provides two methods of adding the unsubscribe link to outgoing e-mail messages:

In the message footer

For system-generated messages, the Email Spam Footer should contain a link to the Opt Out web form. This footer is defined in your Merchant record (on the Email Envelope tab). For example:

When sending the e-mail, Manager expands the notation {UNSUBSCRIBE} to the URL defined in your Merchant record, in the field Unsubscribe to Marketing Email (on the Web Setup tab).

This method also works for messages that you create using Managerʼs Compose and Send feature.

In the message body

For messages that you create with Managerʼs e-mail template editor, you can add to the message body any number of objects, such as buttons, icons, or text hyperlinks, to serve as “Unsubscribe” links. A number of suitable images are stored in the Λctiv8 image library, or you can create your own. To link an image to the Opt Out web form, use the Image Map Editor to assign it a hyperlink, using the URL string “{UNSUBSCRIBE}.”

For a tutorial video on the opt-out feature, see https://player.vimeo.com/video/305177473.