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Email Tracking searches

Search Customer--Email tab

Often, youʼll want to find the e-mail events connected with a specific customer, transaction, or other type of record. The Search dialog for each of the associated data lists contains the Email tab, where you can define exactly which kinds of Email Tracking records to look for by Status, Subject, date range, or other properties.

For example, if youʼve sent a message to club members with the subject “Upcoming Tasting Event,” you can search for all customers who received but did not open it.

The Email tab is available in the Search dialogs for the Customer, Person, Merchant, and Transaction lists.

Analysis and reporting

With the search tools and the detailed Email Tracking data, you can perform sophisticated analyses of customer relations efforts and marketing. For example, if you announced a tasting-room event through an e-mail campaign, you can see at a glance how many customers actually opened the e-mail and clicked the embedded link to your web site.

Tracking e-mail campaign sales

When an e-mail marketing link includes the argument ?sourcecode, Manager sets the Promo Code 2 field in the Transaction record when a customer makes a purchase after following the link. You can use this data to determine how much revenue the campaign generated.

To display revenue from an e-mail campaign:

  1. Search the Transaction list for records where the field Promo Code 2 matches the name of the e-mail campaign (i.e., the sourcecode argument included in the link).

  2. From the View menu, choose Order Detail - Summary.

Remember that when you have the data displayed as you need it in the list, you can save it in a report, which you can print, e-mail, or export to an Excel spreadsheet.

For a tutorial video on e-mail campaign sales tracking, see

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