E-mail tracking and analysis

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E-mail tracking and analysis

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Λctiv8 Manager relies heavily on e-mail messages, for example to confirm system events, send reports, issue sales receipts, and manage club memberships. Many times, youʼll want to know the status of these e-mails, or analyze them for useful information (for example, to learn how many of the e-mails sent out about last week's tasting-room event were actually delivered and opened).

The Email Tracking list contains records of all outgoing messages, both those that the system sends automatically and ones you send manually, either through a mail command on the Actions menu (for example, from the Customer list) or with Managerʼs Compose and Send feature. You can select any record in the list and open it to view complete details on the e-mailʼs status, and you can open its associated Customer, Transaction, or other database records.

For video demonstrations of Managerʼs e-mail tracking and analysis features, see https://player.vimeo.com/video/277588967 and https://player.vimeo.com/video/312341194.

The Email Tracking list

The Email Tracking list displays the full record of e-mails that Manager has sent. Typically, youʼll want to limit the list to some subset, like “undelivered e-mails this week” or “complaint e-mails this month.” Managerʼs Quick Search list includes prebuilt searches for many of these, and as always you can define your own criteria in the Search dialog.

Email Tracking views

The View menu lets you choose the kind of Email Tracking data you want to see in the list, depending on the eventʼs status:

For details on the individual data fields, see Email Event Tracking data.

Email Tracking notifications

Mail opened popup alert While the Email Tracking list is open, Manager constantly monitors the status of sent e-mails. When a recipient opens a message, or clicks a URL within one, a popup message displays the userʼs name or e-mail address.

To disable these notifications, (1) open your User Profile record, (2) on the Operations 2 tab, clear the check boxes Email Opened Alert or Email Clicked Alert.

Viewing associated records

Every item in the Email Tracking list is associated with various other database records, depending on its type. For example, an e-mailed sales receipt applies to a specific Transaction and Customer, while a report sent to a club administrator is attached to his or her record in the Merchant list. To see these linked records for an e-mail, select it in the list and choose one of the following from the right-click menu:

Viewing linked transactions is especially useful, because it can reveal connections between e-mail activity and sales revenue.

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