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E-mail from custom templates

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To create custom e-mail that you can update and reuse — for example, for your regular club newsletter — youʼll need to build an e-mail template for it. You can create a new template from scratch, or replace or duplicate an existing template.

Λctiv8 Manager includes a number of example templates that you can use as models. Custom e-mail templates are stored in the Document list, in documents of Type 'HTML.'

Once youʼve created, named, and saved a template, you can always modify and save it again as needed.

Creating a new template

To begin building a custom e-mail template, create a new record in the Document list. In the Document - Data Entry dialog, the General tab displays the basic information about it:

Type: Must be 'HTML.'

Subject: Enter the Subject: line you want to appear in the e-mail.

Description: The template's name as it appears in the Document list.

You can supply the remaining details in the Origin and General Information panels.

The Preview tab shows the HTML-rendered version of the e-mail; this is a convenient way to click through the list and find the template you want.

The HTML tab displays the templateʼs HTML code. If youʼre comfortable working with HTML, you can edit the messageʼs content and appearance here, or create a new template by pasting code from an external HTML editor.

Modifying an existing template

To modify a template, you can choose it from the Document list and open it in the editor. From there, you can change it as needed and save it.

To modify a template:

  1. In the Document list, select the template you want to duplicate.

  2. From the Actions menu (or the right-click menu), choose Edit HTML Document.

  3. In the Editor window, update the template as needed.

  4. If you wish to rename the template, enter the new Name of Email Template.

  5. Click Save when finished.

Copying the record

You can also duplicate an existing template, while preserving the original.

To copy an existing template:

  1. In the Document list, select the HTML document you want to copy.

  2. Follow the usual steps to copy a database record.

  3. In the Document - Data Entry dialog, enter the new templateʼs name in the Description field (on the General tab) and click Save.

To open the new template in Managerʼs template editor, click Edit HTML Document.

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