Sending the mail

Once youʼve selected the recipients and finished composing your custom e-mail, you can send it immediately by clicking Send in the Send Email with Attachment(s) dialog.

Note: Unlike the system e-mails based on templates, there is no facility for sending yourself a sample of a custom e-mail message.

Scheduling delivery

As an alternative to sending your e-mail immediately, you can schedule it to be delivered at a later time or date, like any other system job.

Scheduling e-mail distribution To schedule e-mail distribution:

  1. In the Send Email with Attachments dialog, click Schedule.

  2. In the Schedule Email Distribution dialog, choose a Start Date and Time and a scheduling Method and set other options as needed.

Scheduling and saved searches

Used in conjunction with Managerʼs saved search feature, the scheduling option provides a powerful way to manage e-mail distribution. For example, at 9:30 AM every Monday, you might send an invitation to join your wine club to all customers who made a purchase of over $99.00 during the past week, signed up for the club newsletter, and live within 50 miles of the winery. Or you might create a daily job to resend any outgoing e-mail messages that have been delivered but remained unopened for a week.

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