Compose and send: Plain-text e-mail

To compose and send plain-text e-mail:

  1. In the Send Email with Attachment(s) dialog, select the option Plain Text.

  2. Complete the rest of the dialog:

  3. From: Contains the club administratorʼs e-mail address; change if necessary.

    To: Contains the recipientsʼ addresses from the Customer records.

     Using a saved search

    Bcc: Contains your e-mail address; delete if you donʼt want to receive a copy of the message.

    Note: In the From:, To:, or Bcc: field, you can include a “display name” that will appear instead of the e-mail address: for example, “News from the Tasting Room.” To add a display name, enter it in square brackets before the actual address: [News from the Tasting Room]

    Subject: Type the message subject.

    Attach and Clear: Click to attach a file, or remove the attachment. File attachments are limited to 600 KB.

    Insert Name and Mailing Address: When checked, adds the customerʼs name and postal address at the top of the message.

    Include Greeting: When checked, adds the specified salutation to the message, followed by the recipientʼs first name.

    Save Email Settings: Click to save the current settings for future messages. The settings are saved automatically when you click Send.

  4. Type the text of your message in the blank box.

  5. To use one of your saved e-mail templates, select it from the Template lookup list.

  6. To include your e-mail signature block, check Include Signature. The signature comes from the Email Envelope settings in your Merchant record; you can edit it here as needed for the current message.

  7. To include the required opt-out instructions, check Include Footer for CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. The default text is set in the Merchant record; you can change it here for the current message.

  8. To send the e-mail, click Send.

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