Newsletters and subscriptions

Perhaps the most common use for an e-mail template is to create a regular club or company newsletter. You can design the letter with formatting and graphics, using either your own HTML code or Managerʼs template editor. Assign the document the Subtype 'Newsletter,' and be sure to give it an easily recognizable name, so that you can find it in the Document list.

Subscribing and unsubscribing

There is no automatic command to send a newsletter to subscribers. You can indicate that a customer wants to receive it with a setting in the Customer record.

To subscribe a customer:

  1. Open the customerʼs record in the Customer list.

  2. In the Customer – Data Entry dialog, check Newsletter (on the General tab).

To unsubscribe, clear the Newsletter checkbox.

This setting is adjusted automatically when a customer uses the newsletter signup or e-mail opt out web tool.

Sending the letter

To send a newsletter to subscribers, you must first create a template for it in the Document list. You can reopen and edit the template when youʼre ready to send a new edition.

To send the newsletter:

  1. Search the Customer list for records where Newsletter is set to 'Yes.'

  2. Note: The option Email Opt In must also be set to 'Yes.'

  3. Select all the names the search found.

  4. From the Actions menu, choose Email Custom or Template : Compose and Send Email.

  5. In the Send Email with Attachment(s) to Customer(s) dialog, select your newsletter template from the Template list.

  6. Adjust Bcc: and Subject:, if necessary.

  7. Click Send.

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