Using the template editor

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Using the template editor

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Managerʼs template editor lets you edit existing e-mail templates for system messages and create custom HTML templates for e-mail that you compose and send. Your custom templates will be listed in the Send Message with Attachment(s) dialog so that you can send them immediately.

For a tutorial video on using the editor for custom e-mail templates, see

To open a template document in the editor, select it in the Document list and open the record in the Document – Data Entry dialog. On the General tab, click Edit HTML Document.

Basic features

The template editor includes many of the features and controls familiar from most word processors. In addition, it includes facilities specifically for managing images, hyperlinks, and other features commonly used in HTML documents.

At the bottom of the window are three tabs:

Template editor tabs

Copying and pasting text

Often, youʼll want to start creating a new e-mail template by copying and pasting text from an existing document. When you copy HTML-formatted text from Microsoft Word or Outlook, note the following:

Saving your work

While working in the template editor, be sure to save your work before stepping away from the workstation. The editor includes a timeout feature which will log you out without saving your changes automatically.

The filename bar

On the control bar at the top of the window you can save or delete a template, save it with a new name, or choose a different template to work on.

Template editor control bar

Tool bar buttons

The tool bar provides many features familiar from word processing applications, such as formatting and editing controls and a table builder. In addition, a number of functions are specific to working with HTML documents:

Toggle Automatic Save: Click to make the editor save your work periodically.

Image Manager: Lets you insert images from Managerʼs image library.

Hyperlink Manager: Use to add HTML links.

Format Stripper: When copying and pasting text from another source, lets you choose to remove various types of formatting, such as CSS properties or <font> and <span> elements.

Image Map Editor: Lets you define regions in an image (“hotspots”) and assign hyperlinks to them.

Module Manager: Lets you toggle the display of the Statistics, Tag Inspector, or Properties Inspector modules.

Template editor Properties Inspector

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