Adding images

To add an image to your document, click Image Manager on the tool bar.

Template editor Image Manager

On the left, the Image Manager displays the files in your image library. The sharedimages folder contains images available to all Λctiv8 users. To use any of these in your document, select it and click Insert. On the right, you can use the Image Editor to modify and save the image, or click the Properties tab to change any of its properties.

To add an image file to your database, click +Upload. In the Upload dialog, you can select a file from your local computer or network.

Note: You can also manage files in the image library through Λctiv8 Managerʼs Network menu: see Using the image library. In either case, you must have enabled FTP in your operating system.

The image map editor

To assign a clickable hyperlink to an image, you can define one or more clickable regions. Enter the link target in the URL field.

Template editor Image Map Editor

Using the button factory

Template editor Button Factory

The Button Factory tool lets you create HTML button images, with full control over the text, font, size, and style. Once youʼve designed a button, you can link to it in your e-mail template.

To create a button, open the Document list and choose Button Factory from the Actions menu (or the right-click menu). In the dialog, set the properties for your button. You can choose one of the predesigned Examples as a starting point.

Adding the button

To add the button to your HTML document, click Download. You can save the button image to a local or network drive, from where you can insert it into the document or add it to the image library.

Downloading a button

Note: You must have enabled access to local disk drives when setting up the Remote Desktop Connection.

Buttons normally contain hyperlinks; you can add these with the image map editor.

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