Editing message templates

In Active Club Manager, letters and e‑mail messages are treated as reports, or tasks that can be performed. Each report is based on a message template, which contains the outline and basic data for the document. But before you use a template to send a message, you’ll need to set it up according to your own needs, by editing its settings in the Job Queue. As your needs change, you can update the template at any time in the same way. The procedures for the templates for printed letters and those for e‑mail messages differ slightly.

In both printed and e‑mail message templates, you can personalize the message by including references to database fields, which will be replaced with the actual data from the field when the message is sent.

To edit a printed letter template:

  1. In the Job Queue list, choose 'Templates for Printing' from the Quick Search list.

  2. Select the template you want to view or modify and open the record in the Job Queue – Data Entry dialog.

  3. On the Report Body tab, edit the Text field as necessary.

To edit an e‑mail template:

  1. In the Job Queue list, choose 'E‑mail Templates' from the Quick Search list.

  2. Select the template you want to modify.

  3. In the Job Queue – Data Entry dialog, edit data on these tabs:

  4. Options: In the HTML Surround field, select an option for displaying your company logo and signature. (Logo and signature text are specified in the Merchant record.) To create the entire message from your own HTML code, choose 'Raw HTML' (see Sending full HTML e‑mail).

    Subject & Report Body: Type the subject and text for a PDF attachment, if one is included.

    (If the template comes with a PDF attachment, it’s a good idea to prompt the reader in the e‑mail body to open the attachment for details.)

    Email Body: Type the e‑mail message. You can use most standard HTML markup codes.

    Some templates are defined by a specific report format and cannot be modified. If the Email Body tab specifies “determined by report,” you must contact your Active Club Solutions representative to have a new report made for that particular template.

After you modify any template, you can print or send yourself a sample copy, to ensure that it looks correct. For help modifying templates, contact your Active Club Solutions representative.

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