Sending a one-time e-mail

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Sending a one-time e-mail

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Most often, youʼll want to create templates for e-mail that you can update and reuse. But for a one-off message that you wonʼt need to use again, you can use Managerʼs Compose and Send feature. You can send custom e-mail in either plain-text or HTML-formatted versions. For formatted messages, you can create and save a reusable custom template.

Selecting addressees

To choose the recipients for a custom e-mail, select one or more items from any of these lists:

Manager opens the Send Email with Attachment(s) dialog. Here, youʼll have the additional option of using a saved search to select recipients.

Plain text and formatted e-mail

You can send e-mail in either of two ways: plain text or with formatting.

“Plain text” is the traditional Internet standard for electronic mail. It permits only the standard ASCII characters (unaccented letters, numbers, and basic punctuation), without formatting like italics, boldface, or color. Plain-text e-mail is small and efficient, and makes minimal demands on the capacity of the mail system. It can include a predefined greeting and signature, as well as attached files.

Example of plain-text e-mail

For more control over the format and appearance of an e-mail message, you can include HTML codes. HyperText Markup Language is the method used to create web pages. Most e-mail client applications can interpret it, although their support for all its features is inconsistent.

Example of HTML formatted e-mail

Note: Manager does NOT permit sending MIME-compliant multipart/alternative e-mail (as described in IETF/ISOC RFC 2046). Your HTML-formatted messages will not include a plain-text version for clients that do not recognize HTML e-mail.

Customizing and scheduling

You can customize either plain-text or formatted e-mail by including references to database fields, which will be replaced with specific data when the message is sent. In HTML-formatted e-mail, you can use filters to link directly to specific products or product groups in your online product catalog.

With messages sent from the Customer or the Transaction list, you can set scheduling options to send the e-mail at one or more specific dates and times.

Choose a topic:

Compose and send: plain-text e-mail

Compose and send: formatted e-mail

Including database field references

Using the image library

Sending the mail