Active Club mail templates

Manager’s predefined templates include both customer-related correspondence (e.g., welcome letters) and transaction-related documents (e.g., sales receipts). You access the commands for these types from the Customer and Transaction lists, respectively. Some of these are designed as print documents, others as e‑mail messages; a few can be sent either way. Some are automatic: Manager sends them in response to some action in the system.

Available message templates

Customer-related:Welcome Letter(*)send to new members (*automatic for web signups); variants for shipping and pickup customers, gift membership and gift giver, newsletter customers
Cart Welcome Letter
Membership Datamembership data letter — used to announce a club release
Selection Confirmationconfirm customer selections before processing
Goodbye Letter
Anniver. Cardsends membership anniversary cards
Birthday Cardsends member birthday cards
SpouseBday Cardsends spouse birthday cards
Wedding Cardsends cards for members’ wedding anniversaries
Transaction-related:Sales Receipt/Credit Noteused when you send sales receipts or credit memos (variants for FedEx, UPS, GSO, third-party shipper, FOB)
Sales Gift Memoused when sending a gift memo (variants for FedEx, UPS, FOB)
Bad Credit Cardrequests updated billing information for recovering declined credit cards
Cart Sales Order Confirmationnormally automatic; send manually in case of problems
Sched. Deliverednormally automatic; send manually when necessary
Sales Incentiveused for sales incentive receipts
Auto-only:Email Welcome Passwordsent after Welcome letter or Membership Data e‑mail
Email Welcome for Newslettersent when a customer signs up for the newsletter on line through the Active Club site
Active Club POS:End Of Day Print Summary available when closing out a cash drawer
Cash Drawer Print Summary available when closing out a cash drawer

Before you use any of these templates for the first time, you’ll need to set it up by adding your company logo and changing the text and format to meet your needs.

If none of the built-in templates suits your needs, Active Club Solutions can custom-design a letter template for you on request. You can also compose a free-form e‑mail, in plain text or formatted with HTML.

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