Viewing server jobs

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Viewing server jobs

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Most of Managerʼs operations are performed by automated processes run on the Λctiv8 real-time server. Whether itʼs λctiv8d automatically on a defined schedule or from a command on the Actions menu, every action is listed in the Job Queue list. Although itʼs possible to display the entire list, normally youʼll be looking for a job started or completed on a specific date, or initiated by a particular user.

Every server job has a Label, which indicates its general role in the system, as well as a Type and a Subject which define it further. Most often, you'll be looking for jobs labeled 'Template,' in order to edit an e-mailed or printed message template. Other labels signal jobs for actions on the club web site or regular scheduled jobs that search and modify the database — for example, creating compliance reports or employee sales incentives.

To view a server job:

  1. In the Job Queue list, select a search for the jobs you want to see from the Quick Search list: for example, 'Jobs Completed Today.'

  2. Open an entry in the list to see full details in the Job Queue – Data Entry dialog.

The Actions menu

Job Queue—Actions menuIn the Job Queue list, the Actions menu presents the following choices:

Leaving the window open

Often, when you perform an action in Manager youʼll want to know as soon as the job has finished — for example, validating addresses, sending e-mail, or creating transactions. For most jobs, the system notifies you promptly by e-mail. For even more immediate feedback, however, you can monitor the jobʼs progress directly by leaving the Job Queue list open on your screen.

To monitor the Job Queue:

  1. Search the Job Queue list using the saved search 'Jobs Completed Today.'

  2. From the View menu, choose General.

As the job enters the queue and is processed, it appears on the list, and its Status changes from 'Run Now' to 'Running' to 'Completed.'

To have Manager open the Job Queue list automatically when you run a job from the Actions menu, enable the setting Open Job Queue Window with Batch Action in the Preferences dialog.

Viewing the Job Log

The Job Queue record shows a server jobʼs configuration and current status. The system also keeps a permanent historical record of every jobʼs progress and results, which you can view in the Job Log.