Sending e-mail reminders

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Sending e-mail reminders

E-mail reminders help the club administrator schedule and remember the many tasks involved in managing a club. You can send a reminder containing any message to any number of e-mail addresses, and you can set it to run on a regular schedule — for example, to remind the bookkeeper every Friday to upload the weekʼs transactions to the accounting system. Because reminders are scheduled tasks in Manager, they appear in the Job Queue.

To view, add, or edit an e-mail reminder:

  1. In the Job Queue list, search for records with the Type 'Send Reminder.'

  2. To edit an existing reminder, open its record in the Job Queue. To add a new reminder, create a new Job Queue record.

  3. In the Job Queue – Data Entry dialog, edit the following fields:

    On the General tab: Type: 'Send Reminder.'      

    Scheduling a reminder

    On the Schedule tab, select the option Schedule and choose the appropriate date and time for your reminder to be sent.

  4. On the To/From and Cc/Bcc tabs, enter the recipientsʼ e-mail addresses.

    On the Subject & Report Body tab, enter the e-mail subject.

    On the Email Body tab, type the reminder text.

  5. Click Save to save the record.

Manager adds the task to its job scheduler, and sends the e-mail to the designated addresses at the specified time.