Viewing the Job Log

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Whenever Λctiv8 Manager performs a task in your database by running a server job, it makes a permanent record of the action in the Job Log, including the jobʼs Type, the date and time, informational notes on the result of the action, and any error messages. In the Job Log list, the Description column contains the text of the log record, including any warnings and errors.

Job Log data list

Note: Usually, Manager also sends you the Description text in an e-mail after the job is finished.

Searching the job log

Most often, youʼll want to find the log for a job that has just run, such as Sales Order or Import Transactions. The easiest way to locate these is to use the Quick Search 'Jobs completed today.'

Other search criteria can also help you locate specific Job Log records, especially Type or Date. To find messages of a particular kind, use the Description field: for example, to find all compliance-check errors, you can search for the Description text “%compliance%”.

Viewing from the Job Queue

Usually, youʼll be interested in the log for a particular job, which youʼve already found in the Job Queue list. In this case, you can display the jobʼs log record immediately:

  1. In the Job Queue, select the job you want to see.

  2. From the Edit menu (or the right-click menu), choose Job Log (Ctrl-J).