Job Queue Data Entry

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The Job Queue – Data Entry dialog displays detailed information on a completed or pending job in the Job Queue. The General, Schedule, and History tabs appear for all job types.

Status: The jobʼs present status. Usually, a pending job has the status 'Run Now', meaning that it will run as soon as any jobs ahead of it are completed. Its status changes to 'Running' while the processing takes place, and to 'Completed' when it is finished. 'Schedule' denotes a newly created job that hasnʼt run yet.

'Stopped' signals that a job has halted because of an error; if you see a job with this status, please contact Λctiv8 support.

Type: The job’s system name.

Label: Varies by job type; usually contains a search string.

Email Message Log After Completion: When checked, Manager will send a confirmation/error message when the job is finished.

Email on Warnings or Errors Only: When checked, Manager sends the confirmation message only when it contains warnings or errors.

Optional Name: Specifies a group of related jobs; e.g., a specific set of e-mail welcome templates.

Subject: A system-defined text description of the job.

Author: Name of the Manager user whose input initiated the job.

Keywords: Text strings to aid searching for specific categories of jobs.

Computer: The name of the Λctiv8 server that will run the job.

Status: Set to 'Run Now' to run a job as soon as the system is ready.

Recurrence: For one-time-only jobs, gives the start date and time. For recurring jobs, Method selects the repeat method:

'Run Once' runs the job a single time.

'Day of Month' runs every month on the selected day.

'Day(s) of Week' runs weekly on the selected days.

'Yearly' and 'Quarterly' run at these intervals on the selected days.

In addition to the periodic repeat method, you can also schedule a job to run within a defined range of dates by changing the settings on the Options tab.

Other tabs in the Job Queue dialog may be active or not, depending on the job type: