Adding items to the web catalog

Inventory icon Your Λctiv8 web pages display a catalog of selected items from your inventory in two places:

Manager stores the information for the catalog — product description, images, quantity on hand, and other details — in the Inventory record for each item.

The online selection catalog can be different from the shopping cart catalog, and different clubs can have different selections; contact the Λctiv8 support team for details.

To add an inventory item to the online catalog:

Note: If you use Managerʼs inventory management system, use instead the Display on Cart setting in each itemʼs Inventory Stock record.

  1. In the Inventory list, select the item and open its record in the Inventory Data Entry dialog.

  2. (To create a new inventory item, see Managing inventory items.)

  3. On the General tab, check Display on Shopping Cart.

  4. (To perform this step for multiple items at once, see below.)

  5. Add a Description that will be displayed in the online catalog. (This field may contain HTML markup.)

  6. Click the Setup tab.

  7. In the Inventory Status group, adjust the quantity On Hand as necessary.

  8. On the Images tab, enter the file name of the the productʼs image from the Λctiv8 image library. The image size should be not more than 200 x 200 pixels.      

  9. In the Name of Thumbnail Image File field, enter the file name of the thumbnail image for the product from the image library. Thumbnails should be 24 pixels high. If you donʼt provide a thumbnail, the default “Information” icon will appear.

  10. On the Wine Specs tab, fill in any additional information to display with the product, such as Wine Specs, Varietal Composition, Barrel Aging, and Awards.

  11. Click Save.

Enabling multiple items

You can set multiple items to be displayed in the catalog with one step.

To set multiple items to be available on line:

Update Inventory Cart Data dialog

  1. In the Inventory list, select the inventory items you want to make available.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Update Cart Data.

  3. In the Update Inventory Cart Data dialog, set Display on Cart to 'Yes.'

  4. To change the quantities On Hand, On Order, or Allocated for all the selected items, enter values in the corresponding fields.

  5. Click Update.

This step only enables the display of the selected items in the online catalog. To add the product descriptions, images, and other details, youʼll still need to edit each itemʼs Inventory record individually.

Catalog filters

To draw shoppers to the online product catalog, you can create HTML links which you can include on your web page or in e-mail. To make these links point to specific inventory items or packages, they can include filters. You add a catalog filter to a URL as an additional argument, in either of two ways:

Add the first URL parameter with the character ?; subsequent parameters are introduced with &.

When the link is to an Λctiv8 master page, it will also include the scenario parameter:

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