Inventory headings

Inventory icon Products that you make available for sale through the “shopping cart” or Λctiv8 POS are usually displayed in categories, for example “Red Wines” or “Clearance Items.” You can create these groups as needed in Managerʼs Heading list. To open the list, choose Setup : Heading from the Network menu.

Heading Data EntryTo create a new category:

  1. In the list, create a new record.

  2. In the Heading Data Entry dialog, enter the following:

  3. Type: 'Shopping Cart,' 'Point of Sale,' 'Both,' or 'Event Cart.'

    Subtype: Usually 'Inventory.' 'Package' items are available for the shopping cart and Λctiv8 POS.

    Order #: Sets the itemʼs display order on the list of categories.

    Name: The categoryʼs name as displayed in the shopping cart or POS.

    Description: The text that will describe the category on the shopping cart. You can format the text with simple HTML markup.

    Parent Heading: For headings that are subcategories of other headings.

  4. When finished, click Save.

After you create a new heading, you can ensure that the system will recognize it immediately by clearing the memory cache: From the Network menu, choose Clear Cache.

Once youʼve defined the categories youʼll need, you can assign individual inventory items to them in the Inventory Stock list.

Note: A heading that contains no items with an Available quantity greater than zero will be hidden in the Inventory list in Λctiv8 POS.

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