Inventory stock

Inventory Stock iconThe Inventory Stock list contains information on the quantities of inventory items stored at each of your inventory locations. You can display the list from the icon on the data access bar, or from the Stock tab of the Inventory Data Entry dialog.

The Status figures in the itemʼs Inventory record (on the Setup tab) reflect the totals for all locations.

To see the details of any item, open it in the list to display the Inventory Stock Data Entry dialog.

The General tab      

Inventory Name: Choose an inventory item from the lookup list.

The Stock group displays the quantities of the item at the facility:

On Hand: The total quantity of the item physically in stock.

On Order: Items expected to be added through pending (i.e., requested and approved) inventory transactions. Items you transfer between locations move from 'On Order' to 'On Hand' once theyʼre signed for at the receiving location.

Defective: Number of units unsalable because of defects.

Returned: The quantity of the item that has been returned by customers.

Allocated: Items that have been sold and paid for, but not yet picked up or shipped. Items move from 'On Hand' to 'Allocated' once theyʼre either charged or approved for transfer to another location.

Available: The quantity of the item available for sale. Equals the number On Hand minus the number Allocated. Calculated automatically as items are purchased on your web site or through Λctiv8 POS (see Inventory Data).

Display On Cart sets the item to be included in the online “shopping cart.”

Use For Selections and Selections Group Name are used for items that are to be included in membersʼ online selection profiles.

The Location group contains details of the inventory location where the item is housed. Data you enter here overwrites the Inventory Location record.

Assigning headings      

On the Categories tab, you can set the product headings under which the item will appear in the online “shopping cart” and the Inventory list in Λctiv8 POS (on the New Order tab).

To see the assigned headings for all items at a glance in the Inventory Stock list, choose Cart Headings or POS Headings from the View menu. To add or remove category headings, see Inventory headings.

Updating multiple records

To modify a number of Inventory Stock records at once:

  1. Update Inventory StockIn the Inventory Stock list, select the records you want to update.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Update Inventory Stock.

  3. In the Update Inventory Stock dialog, enter the settings that you want to apply to all the selected items.

  4. When finished, click Update.

Creating records from Inventory

When you use Managerʼs inventory management system, youʼll need to assign Inventory Stock records for all the inventory items you intend to offer for sale (nonmerchandise items and archived records donʼt need them). The easiest way to do this is to copy the information from the Inventory records.

To create Stock records from Inventory:

  1. In the Inventory list, search for and select the inventory items you want to copy.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Create Inventory Stock.

  3. Create Inventory StockIn the Create Inventory Stock dialog, select an Inventory Location.

  4. To include stock levels and other configuration details from the Inventory record, check Transfer Inventory Stock Levels or Use Defined Club and Cart Configuration.

Daily reports

Manager uses the “Daily Inventory Stock Alert” job to send you regular reports on Inventory Stock levels at all your locations.

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