Inventory management

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Inventory management

When you maintain inventory in more than one location — for example, a warehouse and a showroom or tasting room — you can use Managerʼs inventory management system to keep track of the movement of items from one location to another.

Technically, inventory management supervises the flow of noncapitalized assets (i.e., inventory) and stock items from one location to another and eventually to the point of sale. As every new, existing, or returned item enters or leaves each location (either physical or virtual), Manager records the movement as an inventory transaction. At the same time, it updates the status of inventory stock items as they move through the process.

Stock movement data is important for managing stock, accounting, taxes, and compliance. To help you display it, Manager provides a number of views for analyzing inventory movement.

Note: You must use the inventory management system if you use Λctiv8 POS. To enable it, Advanced Inventory System must be set to 'Yes' in the Merchant record (on the Infrastructure tab).

Manager displays inventory management data in three lists:

For a tutorial video on inventory management, see