Setting incentive options

Setting up the incentive system involves two steps:

The Λctiv8 support team will help you with this process, and thereʼs normally nothing else you need to do. At some point, though, you may wish to change the value of an incentive, or change the award method you prefer to use.

To create an incentive inventory item:

  1. Create a new record in the Inventory list.

  2. On the General tab of the Inventory Data Entry dialog, fill in the correct values:

  3. Label: a general label to aid in searching and sorting; “Incentive” generally serves well

    Type: 'Incentive'

    Subtype: choose from the list

    Name and Description: additional descriptive fields

  4. To change the value of the award, set Unit Price as needed. The inventory record is attached to a specific club, so you can have different incentive amounts for different clubs.

  5. On the Setup tab, select the itemʼs assigned Income, Cost, and Asset Accounts in QuickBooks Accounting, if used.

  6. Select the Club Associated with this Incentive. (Incentive items must be assigned to each club separately).

  7. Click Save.

To select an award method:

  1. From the Merchant list, open your companyʼs record in the Merchant – Data Entry dialog.

  2. On the Infrastructure tab, select an Incentive System Type:

  3. 'Active': an award is given for any new membership as soon as it becomes active.

    'Number Trans.': an award is given after a set number of transactions is charged to a new member. Type the number in the Number of Club Transactions field.

  4. Click Save.

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