Incentive reports and certificates

The incentive summary report is created by the Batch Sales Incentives job, and is based on the “Sales Incentive Template.” You can customize this report form and use it as needed, for example to create a certificate that can be printed and redeemed for goods or services at the winery.

To print an incentive report:

Incentive report

To customize the sales incentive report template:

  1. In the Job Queue, search for 'E-mail templates' or 'Templates for Printing.'

  2. From the list of search results, select the record with the Subject “Sales Incentive Template …” and open it in the Job Queue – Data Entry dialog.

  3. Edit the Report Body or Email Body tab and the rest of the tabs as described at Editing message templates.

Incentive certificates

The Incentive Report template creates an award certificate that you can mail or deliver to employees.

Incentive award certificate

To print a certificate:

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