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The Group list defines the members of various categories of database entry in Λctiv8 Manager. Itʼs used primarily to create the entries for the wine clubs that members can select from the lists in Manager, Λctiv8 POS, and the online “shopping cart.” To view or edit the details of an entry, open it in the Grouping – Data Entry data dialog.

The dialog consists of three tabs:

The General tab

Grouping – Data Entry dialog—General tab

The Description tab

Grouping – Data Entry dialog—Description tabContains the text that will appear in the Description field for this item; for example:

Two Bottle Club
This is a two-bottle club ~ 15% discount on regular purchases ~ Quarterly shipments ~ Usually ships in March, June, September, & December.

You may use basic HTML formatting commands.

The Images tab

Grouping – Data Entry dialog—Images tabDefines the image to be used for this item, from the Λctiv8 image library.