FAQ and Troubleshooting

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Λctiv8 system basics

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Managing inventory

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FAQ and troubleshooting

Because it is a complex database application, Λctiv8 Managerʼs success depends on the quality of the data it has to work with. When users encounter problems, the cause very often lies with data that has not been entered carefully or accurately, and errors of this kind can be difficult to trace. Whenever you add or change any records in Manager, itʼs critically important to ensure that the data you enter is clean and correct.

When a problem arises, you can usually find the solution by carefully reading the pertinent topics in the Userʼs Guide and other Help documents. When troubleshooting, your first step should always be to search the Userʼs Guide:

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Installation and operation

Customers and memberships

Selections and packages

Sales orders and transactions

Shipping and labels

Communications and administration

Internet connections and Remote Desktop