FAQ and troubleshooting: Sales orders and transactions

When I try to create a retail sales order, the Shop button and the Create from Inventory field are missing.

Why did my club transactionʼs Actual Shipping Rate change after I charged the customer?

How do I create a report of transactions by customer?

How do I search for customers with no transactions?

How can I see a list of transactions for a specific club or a specific shipment?

How do I search for transactions created during a specific month or date range?

How can I print two copies of my sales receipts?

How can I resend e-mail sales receipts?

A customer says he has been charged twice. What do I do?

What is a credit card payment processor, and why do I need one?

Why are credit cards declined when they were authorized during the credit check?

Whatʼs the difference between a credit and a voided transaction?

How can I get my financial report for 2008? How many bottles of wine did I sell in 2009?

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