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The Document list provides a place to store documents that you want to keep and reuse. Λctiv8 Manager can recognize files with various formats, including word processing documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, and sound or graphics files. You can add files from any accessible network location, and you can retrieve and view them from within the Document – Data Entry dialog.

Document list--General tab

To add a document, create a new entry in the list. In the data entry dialog (on the General tab), choose a Type from the drop-down list and enter the authorʼs and publisherʼs names and a Subject and Description. To supply the File Name, click Load and navigate to to the file you want to add. Manager will copy it into your database, record its original name and location, and set the Publication Date.

To update an existing document, open its record and click Load. After Manager reloads the document, youʼll want to enter the current date in the Date Updated field and save the record.

To display a document, right-click it in the list and click View Attached Document.

The Actions menu

Document list—Actions menuIn the Document list, the Actions menu presents the following choices:

HTML e-mail templates

For most users, the Document listʼs main purpose is to store the templates for the custom e-mail messages you compose and send from Λctiv8 Manager. Manager assigns these the Type 'HTML.' For this type, the Preview tab displays the rendered version as it will appear in a web browser. The HTML tab contains the HTML source code, which you can select, copy, and paste into an external HTML editor.

To edit an existing HTML template, select it in the list and choose Edit HTML Document from the Actions menu (or the right-click menu). To create a new template from scratch, choose Create New HTML Document.

If the record is already open in the Document – Data Entry dialog, you can open it in the editor by clicking Edit HTML Document (on the General tab).