POS discounts

In the Λctiv8 POS system, the discounts defined in Λctiv8 Manager for inventory items, customers, and promo codes or coupons are applied to sales orders automatically. In addition, when checking out an order, an operator can apply a discount manually in either of two ways:

Line item overrides

Λctiv8 POS: Line Item OverridesTo change the price of a single item in a sales order, the operator can select the entry in the Items list on the Check Out screen. This displays the Line Item Overrides dialog, where he or she can enter either:

If the order includes more than one of the item, the new price will apply to all of them.

If the item is set to Do Not Discount in the Inventory record, you can override the setting here by setting Do Not Discount to 'No.'

Full-order discounts

Λctiv8 POS full-order discountsWhen checking out a sales order, the POS operator can select either % Discount or $ Discount on the Check Out screen. $ Discount opens the Discount Dollar Amount dialog, where he or she can enter a specific dollar amount by which to mark down the entire order.

Λctiv8 POS percentage discount

The % Discount button displays the Discount dialog. Here, the operator selects a discount from the Reason list, which may include entries like “10% Discount” or “Christmas Special.” The Percent % line displays the percentage discount that will be applied to the order. The choices available in the list of reasons are defined in Λctiv8 Manager, as rules of Subtype 'POS Discount.'

To create a POS Discount rule:

  1. In the Rule list, create a new record.

  2. Defining a POS discount rule

  3. In the Rule – Data Entry dialog, enter the following details:

    Type: 'Point of Sale'

    To create a discount for use in the Λctiv8 POS wholesale system, use the Type 'Wholesale Disc.'

    Subtype: 'POS Discount'

    Equals Value Amount: Enter the discount percentage

    Description: Enter the name that will appear in the Reason list in Λctiv8 POS.

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