Package discounts

When you create a package — for a regular club release, a retail sale through Λctiv8 POS or the Λctiv8 “shopping cart,” or an empty box — you can define a number of discounts that will apply to all the items in it. Youʼll set all of these amounts in the Package Data Entry dialog (on the Details tab):

Package discount rules

Instead of this graduated membership-longevity discount, you can choose to apply one based on any or all of:

Customer lookup ruleTo implement this feature, choose 'Customer Lookup' from the list at Discount Rule to Further Apply on Products. This setting signals Manager to search a list of package discount rules, which you can create, for those that match these properties, and apply the markdown defined there.

Note: To display your existing package discount rules in the Rule list, use the Quick Search 'Package Discount Rules.'

Creating the rules

Package discount ruleTo create a package discount rule, open a new record in the Rule list. In the Rule – Data Entry dialog, set Subtype to 'Pkg Discount.' Then, define the conditions under which the rule will apply:

Type: Select the Type of customer who will receive the package. (Manager matches this value against the Type field in the Customer - Data Entry dialog.)

Full Operators and Administrators can define new types by creating records of Type 'CsrType' in Managerʼs Selection list.

Name: Select the club from the drop-down list. Clubs are listed in the order in which they appear on the Membership tabs in the Customer record. Select 'None' to create a discount for customers who arenʼt members of any club (e.g., guest shoppers or wholesalers).

Note: You can also view these names (Grouping01, etc.) and the clubs they are assigned to in the Group list (Network : Setup : Grouping); search for records of Subtype 'Customer.'

Start/Finish Item Count: Defines the range of quantities for which the rule applies. (To set the discount rate for other quantity ranges, create another rule.)

Note: The rule applies only when all items within the range represent the same inventory item.

Discount Type: Usually 'Fixed'

Club Discount: The discount percentage to apply when the package is a club package.

Product groups

For nonclub packages — retail sales through Λctiv8 POS or the Λctiv8 “shopping cart“ or empty boxes — in addition to customer type and club membership, a package discount rule lets you specify a markdown for any or all of up to nine product categories, such as “Food” or “Merchandise” — for example, a package might include a bottle of wine plus a selection of cheese, or a T-shirt.

To discount products by product group:

    Package discount rule—Discount categories

  1. On the Rule dialog's Discount Classes by Category tab, check Use Discount Category Extensions.

  2. Enter the discount percentage to apply to any items in this package that belong to the available groups.

Product groups and inventory categories

To assign each item in the package to one of these groups, Manager uses the Category field in its Inventory record (on the General tab). Although an inventory item can belong to any of more than twenty categories ('Wine,' 'Event Tickets,' 'Clothing,' etc.), the package discount rule can recognize only nine groups.

The inventory categories are sorted into discount groups by entries in Managerʼs Translation list (Administrator only). In each Translation record, the inventory category appears in the Internal field, and the product group for purposes of the discount rule in the External field.

Product group translations

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