Applying Discounts

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Product (inventory) discount

Customer discounts

Package discounts

Promo codes and coupons

Line-item discounts

POS discounts


n order to attract new customers and encourage repeat business, merchants often offer discounts on merchandise to retail customers and club members. Λctiv8 Manager provides a number of techniques for defining discounts, on both individual inventory items and entire orders, or for selected clubs or individual customers. Most of these can be calculated and applied automatically to transactions created within Manager, on the Λctiv8 “shopping cart,” or through Λctiv8 POS.

The system also supports manual, ad hoc line item adjustments on specific items within a sales order or a package.

In Λctiv8 POS, an operator can apply a discount manually, either to a single line item or to the entire order.

Many of these discounts make use of Rules to specify the details of how theyʼre applied; for example, by defining ranges of quantities or dates.