Finding data records

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Viewing the Change Log

Your Λctiv8 Manager database contains a great deal of information — more than could possibly be displayed at once. When viewing a data list, youʼll almost always need to filter and select only the records you need to see for the task at hand — for example, members who joined a club within the past six months or packages that havenʼt been picked up.

Quick Search list

The easiest way to locate the records you need is to use one of Managerʼs Quick Searches, found in the lookup list at the top of each data list. These include searches designed for most commonly needed tasks, and when combined with data list views provide a flexible way of working with data lists and creating customized reports.

When none of the built-in queries meets your needs, you can create new searches using any of the fields in the database record, and you can save these search patterns and add them to Managerʼs list of saved searches.

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Creating a new search

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