Viewing the Change Log

Change Log icon Whenever someone changes a database record, from Manager, a web page, or Λctiv8 POS, the system stores a record of what was done. You can see these changes in the Change Log.

To view the Change Log for a specific record:

  1. In a data list, select and open the record whose history you want to see.

  2. In the data entry dialog, click Change Log (or choose Change Log from the Edit menu [Ctrl‑L]).

  3. In the Change Log dialog, Manager displays a list of the changes associated with the record. Select the item to view; details of the change appear in the Change Log Preview.

To view the entire Change Log:

  1. From the File menu, choose Change Log.

  2. In the Change Log list, select a search from the Quick Search list.

  3. The Change Log table is very large and detailed; normally youʼll need to limit the search by Date, Subtype, Table Name, or other criteria.

  4. To see full details of the change, double-click an item to open it in the Change Log Data Dialog dialog.      

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Viewing the Change Log