Wholesale customers

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Wholesale customers

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You can use Λctiv8 Manager (and Λctiv8 POS) to fill wholesale orders to distributors, resellers, restaurants, and the like. When you define a Customer type as “Wholesale,” Manager:

To create a wholesale customer:

  1. Open a record in the Customer list, or create a new record.

  2. In the Customer – Data Entry dialog, click the General tab.

  3. Set the Type to 'Wholesale,' or another type that youʼve defined as “Wholesale” (see below).

  4. If you wish to make sales to this customer tax-free, set Taxable to 'No' (on the Accounting tab).

Defining wholesale customer types

Wholesale customer types typically include distributors, exporters, restaurants, and retail resellers.

To define a wholesale customer type:

  1. To display the existing types, search the Rule list for Definition rules of Subtype 'Wholesale' (use the Quick Search 'Define Wholesale.'

  2. Create a new Rule, with Type 'Customer' and Subtype 'Wholesale.'

  3. In the Name field, enter the string that you want to appear as the Customer Type (e.g. “Restaurant”).

Manager will recognize customers of this type as wholesale when creating transactions and invoices.