Customer list views

When working with customer records, youʼll often need to see specific kinds of information at a glance — for instance, credit card charges and approval status, or details of customer selections. Options on the View menu display various combinations of data in the Customer list; you can create and print a report from any of them. Especially useful views include:

Transaction views:Customer selection views:
Transaction — General
Transaction — Status
Transaction — Credit Card
Transaction — Summary
Selection — General
Selection — Inventory
Selection — Inventory — Dates

Note: You can also view a full transaction history for any selected customer; see Viewing a customer history.

Club and membership views:E-mail views:
Club Discounts
Club Start Dates
Club Cancel Reasons
Club — Expire — Suspend — Restart
Gift Membership Detail
Membership Duration
Email History
Email Validation
Other views:
Avery 5160, 5163
Tax Code

As you work with the list views and develop more specific needs, the Λctiv8 support team can create additional views and reports to meet them.

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