Tracking customer source

For every customer, Manager lets you record the customer source, that is, where the customer learned about your company (e.g., advertising or walk-in business). This information is useful for marketing purposes and for generating sales incentive awards. To view customer source information for the entire Customer list, choose Source Data from the View menu.

To track customer source:

Customer Data Entry—Source tab

  1. Open the customerʼs record in the Customer list.

  2. In the Customer – Data Entry dialog, click the Source tab.

  3. In the Source field, select the correct value ('Referral,' 'Walk-in,' etc.).

  4. Created By is supplied automatically.

  5. If the customer was referred by an employee, type or select his or her name in the Employee lookup list and click Add.

  6. To add more employee names, repeat steps 3 and 4.

  7. In the Source Code fields, enter or select a code to identify how the customer was referred to you.

  8. Note: You can change the labels Source Code 1 and Source Code 2; they are defined in rules in the Translation list (Subtype 'Customer').

  9. When finished, click Save.

The Award Detail section of the Source tab contains information on the award:

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