Finding customer records

Managerʼs Customer list provides a large number of Quick Searches you can use to locate specific customer records. Because customer data can vary widely, however, the saved searches may not find exactly the records youʼre looking for, so that you may occasionally need to create a custom search.

Like all Search dialogs, Search Customer contains a number of tabs, where you can enter details to locate a specific range of records to display in the Customer list. As usual, the fields on these tabs correspond closely to those youʼll find in the Customer – Data Entry dialog. Of particular interest, though, is the Summaries tab, which gathers together a number of important fields that are especially helpful for locating customers based on their selection and transaction histories:      

As indicated in the dialog, these searches are best used in conjunction with the Customer listʼs Selection - Summary and Transaction - Summary views.

For help on creating custom searches, see Creating a new search, or click On searching at the top of the Help viewer window.

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