Calculating customer proximity

It can often be helpful to know a customerʼs geographical distance from your winery or tasting room. For example, when planning an event, you may want to send an invitation to customers who reside less than fifty miles away. Based on the ZIP code of the mailing address, Manager can automatically calculate the customerʼs approximate latitude, longitude, and line-of-sight distance.

To calculate proximity for one customer:

  1. In the Customer list, select the record for the customer and open it in the Customer – Data Entry dialog.

  2. On the Address tab, click Calculate Proximity of Customer Based on ZIP Code.

To calculate proximity for multiple customers:

  1. In the Customer list, select the customersʼ records.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Assign Customer Proximity.

Once youʼve done this calculation for a customer, the distance appears in the Proximity column (choose Detail from the View menu), and in the Proximity field in the Customer – Data Entry dialog. In the example above, you could list the customers who live within fifty miles by entering “<=50” in the Search dialogʼs Distance field (on the Email tab). To repeat the same search again later, you may want to create a saved search for it.

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