Viewing a customer history

For any selected customer, you can view a full transaction history or e-mail history.

Transaction history

The history of a customerʼs purchases and other transactions is available from either the Customer list or the Customer – Data Entry dialog.

To see the full list of a customerʼs transactions:

From the Customer list:

  1. Select the customerʼs name.

  2. From the Search menu (or the right-click menu), choose Transaction History (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl‑H).

From the Customer – Data Entry dialog:

Manager displays a list of the selected customerʼs transactions in the Transaction list.

E-mail history

You can view the history of correspondence sent to customers either directly in the Customer list or with the Email History command.

In the Customer list

  1. Sort the Customer list by Last name or Id.

  2. From the View menu, choose Email History.

For details on the data displayed in this view, see Email Event Tracking data.

With the Email History command

The Email History command displays a history of jobs that have sent e-mail to a single customer.

To view a single customerʼs e-mail history:

  1. Select the customerʼs name in the Customer list.

  2. From the Search menu (or the right-click menu), choose Email History.

  3. Manager displays the customerʼs e-mail history in the Job Queue list.

  4. From the View menu, choose Emails.

  5. To see the details of any item, open the record in the Job Queue.

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