Exporting customer records

Customer icon If you use QuickBooks Accounting, you can export customer records directly to it. For details, see Λctiv8 Manager—QuickBooks Integration.

To export customer records:

  1. In the Customer list, search for and select the records to be exported.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose either Export : Export to Accounting or Export : Export to POS.

  3. In the Job Log list, check the log for errors.

Exporting to e-mail marketing

To facilitate working with commercial e-mail marketing services, you can export a list of selected customers and addresses to an existing distribution list in VerticalResponse, Constant Contact, SocketLabs, or MailChimp.

Export Selected Customers dialog

To export customers to an e-mail marketing application:

  1. In the Customer list, select the customers whose names you want to export. From the View menu, choose Address.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Export : Send Custom Email : Upload to Email Application.

  3. In the Upload Customers to Email Application dialog, select Vertical Response, Constant Contact, SocketLabs, or MailChimp.

  4. Select the distribution list to which you want to add the addresses.

  5. Select options for which details will be exported.

Your user names and passwords for e-mail marketing accounts appear on the Email Marketing tab of your company record in the Merchant list.

Note: To take advantage of Managerʼs e-mail tracking and analysis features, you can also compose and send a message from within Manager, using the spam generatorʼs templates and e-mail editor. Note also that e-mail you send from the SocketLabs service, using the method described here, will automatically be tracked in Managerʼs Email Tracking list.

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