Maintaining customer records

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Maintaining customer records

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Customer icon You can add, remove, or modify customer records in a number of ways:

Within Λctiv8 Manager

The Customer list lets you view and modify all the details of customer accounts. To add a new customer, create a new record in the list. To modify an existing customer record, open it in the Customer – Data Entry dialog and edit the data as needed.

To remove a customer from the database, you can sometimes simply delete the customer record. Note, however, that you cannot delete a customer record that has any associated transactions that resulted in a sale, once the customerʼs credit card has been charged.

When the customer is a club member, you should not delete the record unless youʼre certain youʼll never need to contact the person again, or the record is a duplicate. Normally, youʼll cancel a membership by setting its status to 'Inactive.'

Through Λctiv8 POS

For those who use Λctiv8 POS, winery staff can use it to view and modify customer records, create sales orders, and mark shipments as picked up.

Through an accounting system

Most of the time, youʼll want to keep your Λctiv8 database synchronized with your integrated accounting system. Manager provides tools for both importing and exporting customer records to and from QuickBooks Accounting; see Λctiv8 Manager—QuickBooks Integration.

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