Creating a selection from inventory

Customer Selection icon The simplest way to create a customer selection is to choose specific inventory items. The list of selected items is the customerʼs selection profile.

To view a summary of selections by customer, open the Customer list and choose Selection — Summary from the View menu.

Once the selection is part of the customerʼs profile, itʼs available when you create a sales order for the customer. A selection can also be a generic placeholder that youʼll match with an actual inventory item at shipping time.

Note: Changing a customerʼs selection manually should seldom be necessary. The usual method is to send a selection confirmation e-mail before a club release, and let the customer make changes on the Customer Choice page of your club web site.

To create a customer selection from inventory:

  1. In the Customer list, select the memberʼs name and open the record in the Customer – Data Entry dialog.

  2. On the Selection tab, type or select the inventory itemʼs name in the Create from Inventory lookup list and click Add. Repeat for any additional items.

  3. To add multiple items at once, you can use the drag-and-drop method: open the Inventory list, select the items to add, hold the Ctrl key, and drag the items to the Selection tab.

  4. To view details of the selection, select 'Selection' from the drop-down View list (in the Inventory Selection group); then double-click the itemʼs entry in the inventory list.

  5. If necessary, change the quantity for the selection. Do any of the following:

  6. Click Save.

Using the Selection tab

The customerʼs selection profile appears on the Selection tab in the Customer – Data Entry dialog.     

Selection Search

When there are many items in the Inventory Selection list, you can filter it by using the Selection Search fields. These work the same as Managerʼs Search dialogs: enter the criteria to filter the list (Type, Status, Date Range, etc.) and click Search.

Often, youʼll want to limit the display to only those selections whose Status is 'Pending': those that have been created, but not yet attached to a transaction.

Inventory Selection

Contains the memberʼs selection profile: a list of inventory items that you can add to a club sales order for this customer.

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