Confirming customer selections

When you set up a new selection profile for a customer, or before a regular club release, you can send an e-mail to confirm the selections.

To confirm customer selections:

  1. In the Customer list, select one customer who has made a selection.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Send to Customer : Email Selection Confirmation : Sample. Manager sends you a sample of the e-mail it will send to the customer.

  3. To change any details of the confirmation e-mail, edit the 'Selection Confirmation' template (see Editing message templates).

  4. When youʼve confirmed that the e-mailʼs contents are correct, select all the customers who will receive the confirmation.

  5. From the Actions menu, choose Send to Customer : Email Selection Confirmation.

Selection confirmation e-mail

To allow members to change their selections before a club release, the confirmation e-mail contains a link to the member choice page on your web site. Changes made there are reflected immediately in the Customer record in Λctiv8 Manager.

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