Using the wizard

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Using the club run wizard

Preparing for a club release

Using the wizard

Itʼs wise to begin the club release process a week or two before the planned release date. This allows time for the system to send its membership data letter, and for members to confirm their credit card details and shipping address information and update them if necessary.

For tutorial videos on using the wizard, see:

To begin using the wizard:

  1. Open a new record in the Club Run Wizard list.

  2. Club Run Wizard--General tab

  3. In the Club Run Wizard data dialog, choose the Club Name and Club Type (if used). Enter a Description string to identify the club and the date; for example, “Spring 2017 VIP Club.” (This string will appear in the Description field in the Club Run Wizard record.) Manager assigns the Status 'Created.'

  4. Choose the appropriate Club Option for a standard Package club, a customer choice club (Selection), or Place Holder for a selection club that accepts placeholders.

  5. Click Save to save the record for this club run.

  6. Click Start Club Run.

The wizard retrieves the active customers for the club. To include any customers whose membership is updated after the wizard has started, you must re-create the club run record and restart the wizard. If new customers are added, you can either restart the wizard or process the new members manually.

Step by step

On the Step By Step tab, the wizard displays a list of the actions it will take. Select step 1 (“Assign Web User ID's”) and click the corresponding action button at the bottom of the dialog. Manager begins checking to ensure that each customer has a user name for your web site. When it has finished, it displays the status 'Completed,' sends you a confirming e-mail, and proceeds to the next step.

Club Run Wizard--Step By Step

To view the details of any action, double-click its entry in the list to open the Wizard Step Data Entry dialog. For further explanation, see the checklists at Running the club (for package clubs) and Running a customer choice club (for selection and placeholder clubs).

Reviewing errors

Club Run Wizard Errors icon The status 'User Action Required' indicates that the wizard requires further input, or an action produced errors that you must correct before continuing. These appear in the list of Wizard Errors. The Error Message column contains the system message that identifies each error. To make the correction, double-click the item to open the associated data entry dialog. (For example, an error in the Customer record will open in the Customer – Data Entry dialog.)

To ignore an error and continue, simply move to the next step in the list, or right-click the error and choose Ignore Selected Errors or Ignore All Errors.

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