Changing your password

All the data on your clubʼs membership and operations is stored securely in your Λctiv8 database, and is accessible only to you. For this reason, itʼs important to keep your password safe, and itʼs a good idea to change it periodically, or whenever you think it may have been compromised. For greater security, the Λctiv8 system requires you to change your password the first time you log in, and periodically thereafter. (This value is set in the User Profileʼs User Configuration group.)

To change your Λctiv8 Manager password:

  1. Log in to Manager as usual.

  2. From the Network menu, choose Change Password.

  3. Type your new password in the Password box. Use a combination of letters and numbers.

  4. Note: Λctiv8 passwords are not case sensitive, and may not begin with a number.

  5. Press Tab to move to the Verify Password box, and type the new password again.

  6. Click OK to finish. You must use your new password the next time you log in.

To view a history of your password changes, open the History tab of your User Profile record.

Resetting a userʼs password (admin)

Λctiv8 Manager Administrators and Full Operators can reset any userʼs password.

To reset a userʼs password:

  1. From the Network menu, choose Update User.

  2. In the Create/Update Username dialog, enter the userʼs user name and the new password. Manager stores the string encrypted, and it won’t be visible after you close the dialog.

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