Voiding a transaction

After you create a transaction, you can delete its record at any time up until you charge the customerʼs credit card. Once the card has been charged, the transaction is permanent and canʼt be removed.

To cancel a sale that has been charged (or settled with an external payment outside of Λctiv8 Manager), you must void the credit card transaction. Credit card issuers place time limits on this action, however: some may not permit it within five minutes of the charge, and there is usually a cutoff time each day. After this deadline, the credit-card charge is processed, and you can only undo it by creating a reversing entry and issuing a credit.

To void credit card transactions:

  1. In the Transaction list, select the transactions you want to cancel.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Credit Card : Void.

  3. The transactionsʼ Payment Status changes to 'Not Charged.'

Note: You can void a single transaction from within the Transaction – Data Entry dialog: click Void (on the Credit Card tab).

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