Recovering declined cards

When you charge credit cards for one or more sales orders, Λctiv8 Manager runs the “Credit Card” job to submit all the charges to the payment processor. Typically, payment for a few cards may be declined; often for reasons of insufficient funds, card number errors, address and ZIP code mismatches, “Do Not Honor” orders, and the like. Because the reasons can vary widely, recovering these errors is mainly a manual process.

In the Transaction list, declined cards are marked by the Payment Status 'Not Charged.' The Data column contains the details of the failed transactions. When an error is caused by faulty data in the Customer record — for example, address or card-number errors — or the Transaction itself, youʼll need to correct it in Manager.

To recover the declined or unauthorized cards, youʼll need to:

  1. List the failed cards

  2. Notify the members

  3. Update the customer records

  4. Refresh the transactions and resubmit

Listing failed cards

To list declined cards:

  1. In the Transaction list, select one of the Quick Searches for 'Sales Created … - Not Charged.'

  2. From the View menu, choose Ccard Contact.

Notifying the members

To send the “Bad Credit Card” e-mail:

  1. If necessary, review and update your “Email Bad Credit Card” template.

  2. In the Transaction list, select the customers to whom you want to send the notice.

  3. From the Actions menu, choose Send to Customer : Email Bad Credit Card Letter to Account Holder.

You can use the “Bad Credit Card Letter” template to encourage members to update their profile data themselves, using your club web site. The “Bad Credit Card” e-mail includes the club memberʼs web user name by default, so you should ensure that all members have a web user name before sending it.

If the “Bad Credit Card Letter” template doesnʼt include all the information you want to send, you can also compose and send a customized e-mail message.

Updating customer records

If the customer doesn't update his or her credit card data directly in the online account manager, youʼll probably get the information over the phone. In this case, youʼll need to add the new details to the customer record manually.

To update a customerʼs credit card:

  1. From the Customer list, open the record in the Customer – Data Entry dialog.

  2. On the Credit Card tab, update the Type, Card #, Expiration, or address as needed.

  3. Click Save.

Refreshing the transactions

The key step in recovering credit card sales is to see that the updated information in the customer record is propagated to the uncharged transactions.

To update and re-charge transactions:

Wait at least 24 hours after sending the "“Bad Credit Card” e-mail, to allow customers and staff to update the billing information. Then:

  1. Open the Transaction list and search for declined credit cards.

  2. From the Edit menu (or the right-click menu), choose Select All (Ctrl‑A).

  3. From the Actions menu, choose Credit Card : Update Credit Card Data.

Manager runs the Credit Card Update job to copy the new information to the transaction record, and updates the Transaction list with new data as it proceeds.

Once youʼve updated the failed transactions with current credit card data, you can resubmit them.

To resubmit a sales order:

  1. In the Transaction list, repeat the search for declined credit cards.

  2. From the View menu, choose Credit Card.

  3. Select the items in the list and choose Credit Card : Sale from the Actions menu.

Manager runs the Credit Card Sale job, and updates the Transaction list with new data as it proceeds.

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