Sending sales receipts

After youʼve created a sales order, charged the customerʼs credit card, and printed a shipping label, you can send a sales receipt for the purchase. Receipts are usually sent by e-mail; you can also print a copy to place in a box to be picked up.

For a sale thatʼs a gift, youʼll also want to send a gift memo.

To print or e-mail sales receipts:

Before sending receipts, ensure that your Sales Receipt templates (print and e-mail) are correct and up to date.

  1. In the Transaction list, select a Quick Search for 'Receipts/credit notes not sent.'

  2. Manager will not create a receipt for a transaction unless the Payment Status is 'Charged' or 'Paid.'

  3. Select the transactions for which you want to send receipts.

  4. From the Actions menu, choose Sales/Credit Receipt : Email or Print.

If you chose to e-mail the receipts, Manager notifies you by e-mail when the Sales Receipt Email job is finished.

For customers whose preferred ship method is 'Ship,' Manager will create a receipt only if the Shipping Status is 'Shipped.' The tracking number appears on the receipt.

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