Processing external payments

When a customer pays for a purchase outside of the Λctiv8 Manager system — for example, in a sale made through Λctiv8 POS, or in response to an invoice to a wholesale customer — you can process the transaction as an external payment.

To process an external payment:

Process Payment dialog

  1. From the Transaction list, select the transaction to be processed.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Credit Card : Process External Payment.

  3. In the Process Payment dialog, select the desired Payment Status and Payment Method.

  4. Itʼs a good idea to select 'Paid' when processing external payments. This lets you distinguish between charged payments and externally processed ones.

  5. For payments made by credit card (through a terminal provided by your payment processor), enter the card type, last four digits of the card number, and expiration month and year for later reference. To enable refunds or changes at a later date, enter the Transaction Id number provided by the service.

  6. Enter a note in the Memo field, if needed.

Note: You can perform this action for a single sale from within the Transaction – Data Entry dialog: click External Payment (on the Credit Card tab).

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