Issuing a credit

Credit card issuers usually specify a cutoff time, after which a charge to a customerʼs card cannot be canceled. After this deadline, to cancel a transaction in Λctiv8 Manager, you must issue a credit. This action creates a reversing transaction in the database, marked as a 'Credit.' When you issue a credit, youʼll also need to send the customer a credit memo. If the box has not already been shipped, you may want to void the shipping label to prevent its being used inadvertently.

To issue a credit:

  1. In the Transaction list, select the transactions you want to reverse.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Credit Card : Credit.

The transactionʼs Payment Status changes to 'Charge/Credit,' and Manager creates a new, matching transaction with the status 'Credit.'

Note: You can credit a single transaction from within the Transaction – Data Entry dialog: click Credit (on the Credit Card tab).

To send a credit memo:

  1. Search the Transaction list for transactions with the Payment Status 'Credited.'

  2. Select the transactions for which you want to send credit receipts.

  3. From the Actions menu, choose Sales/Credit Receipt : Email : Send.

To void the shipping label:

When a transaction is cancelled and the package isnʼt shipped, you can void the shipping label and its associated tracking number, by selecting the transaction and choosing Void Label from the Actions menu. This step isn't strictly necessary, however, because an unused label automatically disappears from the system after five days; after this you can use the Void Nonexistent Label command.

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