Charging credit cards

When you write a sales order, Manager uses one of its package definitions to describe both the inventory items being sold and the rules that calculate the final amount to charge the customer: here you control the cost of the merchandise, taxes, shipping and handling costs, and any discounts or other adjustments to be applied. Creating a sales order attaches the package to a transaction, and the next step is to charge the customerʼs credit card. Thus itʼs crucial that all the steps in the process have been completed correctly and accurately.

To charge customer credit cards:

  1. In the Transaction list, choose Credit Card or Ccard Contact from the View menu.

  2. Select the transactions to charge.

  3. These will usually be all the transactions for a single club release, or all those whose Payment Status is 'Not Charged.'

  4. From the Actions menu, choose Credit Card : Sale.

From the data dialog:

If youʼre already viewing a Transaction record in the Transaction – Data Entry dialog, you can post the charge directly from there:

Payment status

When you click Sale, the Manager “robot” runs the Credit Card or the Batch CC Sale job, which posts the charges through the payment processor. You can watch its progress as it updates the Transaction list. For each transaction charged, it updates the Payment Status:

Charged: Submitted for payment and approved by the bank

Paid: Paid as an external payment, outside the Λctiv8 system

Not Charged: Payment declined (see Data for reasons)

Credited: Transaction was a credit to customerʼs account

Charge/Credit: Transaction was charged and later reversed

Further detail usually appears in the Data column, best seen in the Transaction listʼs Credit Card view.

The next task is to locate the transactions that were 'Not Charged,' find out why, and recover the declined cards.

Scheduling payments

To schedule credit-card payments at a later time:

Scheduling a credit-card payment

  1. In the Transaction list, select the transactions for which you want to schedule payments.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Credit Card : Schedule Sale.

  3. In the Schedule Job Dialog dialog, enter a Start Date and Start Time.

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